Powerful books that pay it forward.

For every book we sell, we donate one to kids in need. Let's vanquish illiteracy— forever.

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Innovative. Imaginative. Works of art. Beautiful. There are lots of ways to describe a Bushel & Peck book. Our favorite? “(Intake) Wow.”

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The Book-for-Book Promise™

For every book we sell, we donate one to a child in need. It’s our Book- for-Book Promise. Why? Because literacy matters, and every child deserves beautiful books. 

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 For many families, books are just out of reach. 

In middle-income families, there is an average of 13 books for every 1 child.

But in low-income neighborhoods, that ratio changes to 1 book for every 300 children.

The good news? We can change that. Here's how:


First, we work to make the world's most inspiring children's books.

Every Bushel & Peck book is a work of heart. We lovingly craft each detail, from the uplifting messages to the beautiful illustrations—even down to the handpicked endpapers and gorgeous cover finishes. In short, we curate a list of children's books we'd want to own ourselves. 

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Then, we sell our books all over the world.

From a bookstore in San Francisco to a gift shop in Tennessee, an airport store in London to a boutique in India, Bushel & Peck books are distributed everywhere. The more books we can put into the world, the more we'll be able to give for free (more on that next!).  

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We donate free books to kids in need—book for book.

With the proceeds from our publishing program, Bushel & Peck prints and ships books to several outstanding partners helping kids in need—one book for every book we sold. That means thousands of free books leaving our warehouse every year to kids all over the world. Doesn't that feel amazing? 

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Our Story

Welcome! We're David and Stephanie Miles, the husband-and-wife team behind Bushel & Peck Books. David (that's me in the middle) worked previously as a graphic designer, instructor, author, illustrator, and publishing director. Stephanie (that's me on the left) worked as a preschool teacher and with special needs students. Together, we combined our passion for art, books, creativity, and helping kids in need, and Bushel & Peck Books was born.

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