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Heroes of World War II: 25 True Stories of Unsung Heroes Who Fought for Freedom

Celebrate the Greatest Generation with 25 stories of World War II heroes—unsung men and women, from soldiers to spies to photographers, who bravely stood for freedom.

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64 pages • 9 in x 11 in • Ideal for kids 7-11 years old

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They've been called the Greatest Generation, and now their stories will live forever, passed on to the next generation through this new dynamic and engaging biography.

From soldiers to pilots, nurses to factory workers, moms and dads to brothers and sisters—the stories in Heroes of World War II highlight timeless examples of courage, sacrifice, and selflessness.

Meet . . .

  • Ira Hayes, a Native American who was one of the six Marines to raise the flag on Iwo Jima.
  • Dorothy Still, a prisoner of war nurse in the Philippines whose makeshift hospital treated thousands of prisoners.
  • Guy Stern, one of the original “Ritchie Boys” who worked to gather intelligence on the front lines.
  • Plus many, many more.

The Heroes Remembered Library brings the most exciting time periods in history to life through the stories of the heroes we often don’t remember, but who deserve to be rediscovered and heralded by generations to come.

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