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How We Give: The Book-for-Book Promise™

For every book we sell, we donate one to a child in need. Book for book. Child for child. It's our promise.

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How Our Giving Works


Every six months, we total the number of books that were sold across all channels (direct sales, trade stores, specialty accounts, e-commerce—everything!) Every book counts.

Ship to Partners

We ship an equal number of books to our literacy partners. Sometimes, we'll print books specially formatted for this purpose. Other times, we'll pull from our Bushel & Peck inventory.

Distribute Worldwide

Our distribution partners will ship the books they receive to their respective areas of work. From Africa to inner city schools in the U.S. to refugee camps halfway across the world, books will find their way into the hands of kids that need them most.

Prospective Book Recipients

Book Aid International
The Book Foundation
Pajama Program
Room to Read

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Yes! For every book we sell, whether it's through a bookstore, an online retailer, a gift store, a museum shop, a gas station, a Target, or directly from us (you get the idea), we match it with a book donated to a child in need. 

Over 60% of low-income families have no books for children. Help us donate

1,000,000 books by 2028.

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