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The Sun and the Planets: A 3-D Solar System with Pop-Ups!

The Sun and the Planets: A 3-D Solar System with Pop-Ups!

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14 pages • 8.5 in x 12 in • Ideal for kids 6-10 years old

Filled with pop-ups, pull-outs, sliders, and foldouts, this fully interactive nonfiction book about our solar system is part art, part school, part experiment all rolled into one!

The Sun and the Planets is an incredible, 3D journey into our solar system! Packed with paper models, moving parts, pop-ups, and built-in science experiments, kids will discover how orbits work, what causes an eclipse, the science behind the seasons, plus other engrossing facts about the planets, our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond!

Meet the Makers
Patricia Geis

Patricia Geis was born in Barcelona in 1966. She studied Graphic Design at the school Eina School in Barcelona, and graduated in Fine Arts at the New York Institute of Technology. She runs a graphic design and illustration studio together with Sergio Folch. She is the author of more than forty children's stories that have been published in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Korea, Israel, Portugal and Italy, among others.



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