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Exoplanets: A Visual Guide to the Worlds Outside Our Solar System

Exoplanets: A Visual Guide to the Worlds Outside Our Solar System

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40 pages • 9.5 in x 12 in • Ideal for kids 9-12 years old

You know all about the planets near Earth, but what about the planets outside our solar system? How are they discovered? Could there be life? Find out in Exoplanets!

NASA has confirmed the existence of over 5,000 exoplanets (planets that lie outside of our solar system), and that number is growing! Exoplanets, the first book of its kind for kids, is a visually packed guidebook to the exoplanets of our universe. You’ll learn the four main types of exoplanets, techniques scientists use to discover them, the probability of finding life as we know it beyond Earth, plus detailed information about dozens of some of the most fascinating exoplanets discovered so far, from water worlds to planets that are literally evaporating! It’s a thrilling journey, and it all begins in Exoplanets!

Meet the Makers
Wendy Bjazevich ›

Wendy is the author of the Green and Small series and is a science enthusiast. She received a B.S. from Brigham Young University in sociology and health education and a Master of Forensic Sciences from George Washington University. Wendy enjoys spending time with her husband and six children.

David Miles ›

David Miles is an award-winning and bestselling author and illustrator of over 40 books, including ​The Side-by-Side Declaration of Independence, Book, The Interactive Constitution, Allegro, Unicorn and Horse, and other titles. He has worked as a designer, illustrator, and creative director, and he now runs Bushel & Peck Books with his wife, Stephanie. He's been named a CYBILS Award Finalist, Publishers Weekly Star Watch Nominee, Trvst Changemaker, New York Book Show Award Winner, and Bill Fisher Award Finalist, among other accolades. He lives in Fresno, California, with his family.


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Exoplanets: A Visual Guide to the Worlds Outside Our Solar System

Classroom Resources

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Print a Free Worksheet

Or two, or three! Pair these free printables with music, a video, or one of the activities below, and you have an instant afternoon packed with fun and learning!

  • Exoplanets Vocabulary Word Search

    Introduce some of the book's vocabulary with this exoplanet-shaped word search. Includes 17 vocabulary words.

  • Exoplanets Coloring Sheet

    What do exoplanets really look like? You decide!

  • Exoplanets Vocabulary Flashcards

    Master the advanced science vocabulary in the book with these cut-and-fold flashcards.

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Make It Fun with Music

Music makes reading fun! Use this custom Exoplanets: A Visual Guide to the Worlds Outside Our Solar System playlist to enhance your experience with the book! Listen while you read or as you do some of the activities and worksheets.


Enrich with a Craft or Activity

Dive into these creative activities to get kids thinking and doing! Hands-on learning isn't just fun—it's an important way to inspire creativity and problem solving.

  • Paint Exoplanet Rocks!

    A clever painting technique turns ordinary rocks into stunning exoplanets! (Source: NASA)

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  • Play Probability Bingo

    Could there be life on other planets? Scientists use a mathematical concept called "probability" to try to find out. Learn how probability works by playing this fun bingo game! (Source: M+A+T+H=Love)

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  • Decorate Galaxy Eggs

    Design your own universe with these amazing, glittery eggs! (Source: Dream a Little Bigger)

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Go Deeper with Video

Spice up any lesson plan with one of these terrific videos!


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