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Foldout Anatomy

Foldout Anatomy

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32 pages • 8 in x 11.25 in • Ideal for kids 7-10 years old

Uncover the secrets inside animals and humans with 14 full-length foldouts, over 50 animals, and over 160 color illustrations!

Humans and animals: are we similar? Different? Do we all have blood? Do we all smell and taste and think? How is it that birds can fly, fish can breathe underwater, but humans can‘t do either? Explore the amazing diversity of the animal kingdom and compare the body systems of over fifty animal species with those inside of you! Fourteen tall, page-length foldouts open to reveal animal inner workings and provide extra details about these fascinating curiosities of the animal kingdom. 

The book includes dozens of illustrated explanations of the human skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive systems. It then explores those same systems in animals like the great white shark, the hooded crow, the bottlenose dolphin, the snail, the goldfish, and dozens more with over 100 more color illustrations!

Thick pages, interactive foldouts, and a sturdy binding ensure hours of entertaining learning. 

Meet the Makers
Lida Larina

Lida Larina is an illustrator and artist from Moscow, Russia. She graduated from Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry in 2015 and later studied illustration at the British Higher School of Art & Design. She draws illustrations for children’s books, magazines, web blogs, and cartoons. Lida is inspired by nature, animals, the sound of the trees, and the smell of books.

Jana Albrechtová

Jana has been interested in animals and nature since she was a child. She graduated in Zoology from Charles University in Prague and decided to pursue research by working at the Institute of Vertebrate Biology at the Czech Academy of Sciences. Today, as a busy mother of three, she doesn't have much time for research anymore! She devotes most of her time to her family and co-writing children’s books.

Radka Píro

A bookworm, keen traveller and lover of original stories, Radka was born in a Moravian metropolis. She opted to study foreign languages at university. As a student, she completed several study stays and internships in France and Germany. As she made up her mind what to do next, she journeyed to distant corners of the world. After graduation, she worked as an intern in an editorial department and freelance as a proofreader of books and copywriter. She has realized a dream in joining a publishing house where she is involved in the creation of books for children.

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