For every book we sell, we donate one to kids in need!
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Stories of Giving

  • A lending library for Woodland Park Academy

    Woodland Park Academy's motto is " Creating relationships to change the world." And as one of their teachers wrote us, " I believe positive relat...
  • Meet the small but mighty library in Ten Sleep, Wyoming

    Nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains is the little town of Ten Sleep, population 260. The town gets its name from older days when Nati...
  • We visited this school and something magical happened

    Last month, we visited students at an elementary school in Pennsylvania. It was a cold, November kind of day that morning, and most kids were finis...
  • Books for Sunset Elementary!

    We're just delighted to announce our first official donation of free books: fifty copies of Big Words for Fearless Girls going to Sunset Elementary...