We visited this school and something magical happened

We visited this school and something magical happened

Last month, we visited students at an elementary school in Pennsylvania. It was a cold, November kind of day that morning, and most kids were finishing up their breakfasts when we arrived (the school provides them since so many won't get it at home).

These kids are incredible! Most of them have never met an author before, and many really struggle with reading and writing.

One girl said, "I think being an author would be boring."

"Because you have to write a lot?" we asked. Some solemn nods around the room.

We passed out paper and gave instructions on how to create their own children's book characters. There were lots of grimaces and more than one outcry of "But I can't draw!"

But then the magic happened. 

Once pencil went to paper, childhood imagination took over and the students dreamed up incredible places and characters to live in them. We talked a lot about mistakes and how even professional authors need help from editors and publishers to make their work better. As the mental blocks melted away, the kids soared! 

So to our friends at a certain elementary school in Pennsylvania:

"Don't ever doubt yourself! Reading and writing will take you to great heights, and books can help you get there. And . . . enjoy your free copies of The Interactive Constitution this Christmas!" —David and Stephanie

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