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Meet the small but mighty library in Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains is the little town of Ten Sleep, population 260. The town gets its name from older days when Native Americans frequently the area as a place to rest—it's "ten sleeps" from Yellowstone in the northwest and Laramie in the southeast.

All these years later, Ten Sleep is still an important part of the surrounding community. Library patrons travel as far as 45 miles to use the town's library, and the local school (K-12 with around just 110 students), not having an actually library of its own, shares shelf space with the Ten Sleep library. The library's director describes Ten Sleep this way:

This is a great community with good values. We have each others backs as we help our fellow community members. Our library is a place to meet, learn, enjoy and relax. And everyone is treated equally. Because of limited funds we are always happy to receive donations to expand our collection and in turn expand the knowledge of our readers.

Music to our ears! We're so happy to be a small part of your community, Ten Sleep. And if we're ever traveling your way, we'll be sure to stop in!