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The Interactive Constitution

Explore the Constitution like never before with interactive features, including color-changing words, flaps, wheels, and a special vocabulary decoder

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16 pages • 10 in x 10 in • Ideal for kids 6-11 years old

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About the book

2021 Notable Social Studies Trade Book from the Children's Book Council and National Council for the Social Studies

Finalist in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards: The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book

"In cheery infographic-style illustrations and chatty but succinct prose, Miles and Pinilla have boiled down the basics of the U.S. Constitution without shortchanging history or legal tradition . . . Both history geeks and casual students should easily ratify this one. Ages 8–12." —Publishers Weekly

Explore the U.S. Constitution like never before! Amazing interactive features like color-changing words, flaps, wheels, and a special vocabulary decoder help kids learn about types of government, checks and balances, the bill of rights, and more! There's never been a better way—or a more important time—to discover the world-changing importance of this powerful document. 

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Brings the Constitution to life with incredible interactive features!

Interactive elements, like this color-changing panel to help decode difficult words in the Preamble, make learning about the Constitution fun! Other elements include a wheel to explore all the amendments, flaps to learn about different types of government, a push-and-pull device to visualize checks and balances, and much more!

Teaches civics in a simple, non-partisan way

Unlike some books on the Constitution, this book comes with no political agenda one way or the other. Instead, it presents history in a simple, thoughtful manner, explaining how we got the Constitution, the basic branches of government, the appeals process, and more, all while inviting readers to form their own conclusions. A terrific springboard for your own family and class discussions!

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  • David Miles

    Designers, writers, gardeners, and pancake flippers, David and Stephanie founded Bushel & Peck in 2018. Being able to make books full time is one of the best things that ever happened to them—but a distant second to the BEST thing that happened: becoming a family with their son and two adopted beagles. They live in California.

    David Miles 
  • Albert Pinilla

    Albert Pinilla is a freelance illustrator based between Barcelona and Finland. He has worked for many publishers and companies including Editorial Casals, Editorial Sàpiens, Diset S.A, Goula, Editorial San Pablo, Descobrir, Namaka magazine, Editorial Mi Cuento, P/A/N, Capçalera, Davos Comunicación S.L, La Agencia de Publicidad S.A (Spain), Hannacroix Creek Books, Bookworks, Highlights magazine (U.S.), Petit Dimoni magazine (France), Headu Giochi (Italy), Igloo Books (United Kingdom), Schildts & Söderstrströms (Finland), and Akotek (Norway).

    Albert Pinilla 
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