Nellie in Knots: Talent Show Trouble

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116 pages • 8.5 in x 5.5 in • Ideal for kids 7-10 years old
Thoughtfully created by
author Amy Neeren, PhD

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About the book

Hilarious, heartwarming, and secretly packed with tips from a clinical psychologist, Nellie in Knots is the perfect read for anxious kids.

“Readers will cheer for Nellie as she faces her worries head-on, while they learn some great skills for managing anxiety in the process.”—Dr. Torrey A. Creed, PhD; Assistant Professor, Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania; Founder, Penn Collaborative for CBT and Implementation Science

Nellie in Knots is candid, witty, and relatable, with a nod to evidence based cognitive behavioral strategies to manage anxiety. A great read for all kids!”—Dr. Andrea Mazza, clinical psychologist, and Founder and Co-Director of The Center for Anxiety and OCD in Chicago, Illinois

Nellie has worry thoughts—lots of them. Math class. Parties. Lightning. Catastrophes in the making! But when Ms. Rubinflaker announces a class talent show, it's officially too much. Can Nellie conquer her anxiety, or will it be the biggest disaster of the year? 

Anxious kiddos will instantly find a friend in Nellie in Knots, the funny, heartwarming story of Nellie, her talking bird Larry, and her journey to navigate one of today's most common childhood challenges: anxiety.

Told in humorous, first-person narrative and filled with funny doodles and illustrations, the book is both earnest and humorous—a perfect balance to help anxious kids find validation and guidance through their own nervous struggles.

Best of all, author-psychologist Amy Neeren, PhD, weaves in practical tips and practices to help kids take control of worry thoughts of their own. 

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  • Amy Neeren, PhD

    Dr. Amy Neeren is a clinical psychologist and researcher who lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her husband and two daughters. This is her first chapter book series. Dr. Neeren has published several papers and short stories in literary magazines. When she is not actively researching for new children’s book ideas, Dr. Neeren can be found doing anything and everything with her two girls.

    Amy Neeren, PhD 
  • Annia Leon

    Annia Leon is a digital artist who loves books with all her heart! Her illustrations are filled with interesting details that complement the text and give kids something to look at again and again. After graduating from an art college in Greece, Annia began working to become an illustrator of as many children’s books as possible with hopes of spreading a little more happiness for kids everywhere. This book is her debut in the world of children’s literature.

    Annia Leon 
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