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Body Music: Poems About the Noises Your Body Makes

Funny and secretly educational, this book has it all: science, history, poetry, and farts!

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32 pages • 9 in x 11.5 in • Ideal for kids 4-8 years old
Thoughtfully created by
author Jane Yolen

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About the book

They burp. They fart. They creak. They crack. Bodies make MUSIC!

And let's face it: kids love every note! In Body Music, bestselling authors Jane Yolen and Ryan G. Van Cleave bring their trademark wit to fifteen hilarious poems that celebrate the sounds of the human body, from sniffles to snaps, sneezes to wheezes, hiccups to yawns, and more! Each poem is illustrated with bright, lively artwork and is accompanied by scientific facts that answer questions like: What is a knuckle crack? Why do we sneeze? and What makes a tummy rumble? Funny and secretly educational, Body Music has it all: science, history, language arts, and farts!

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Peek inside

Kids are naturally curious about the noises their body makes!

And the poems in this book cover it all, from burps to laughs, wheezes to hiccups, and cracks to, yes well, farts.

Packed with a surprising amount of scientific information

Each poem comes with sidebar bonus material that scientifically explains why the body makes the noises it does. It's a dose of humor and STEM all at once!

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  • Jane Yolen

    Jane Yolen is the author of over 400 books for children and adults. Her books, stories, and poems have won many awards including the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, two Christopher Medals, three Golden Kite Awards, and the Jewish Book Award. She lives in Hatfield, MA. Visit, @Jane.Yolen on Facebook, @JaneYolen on Twitter, and @JYolen on Instagram.

    Jane Yolen 
  • Ryan G. Van Cleave

    Ryan G. Van Cleave wrote his first poem at age five, and he’s been writing, reading, and loving poetry ever since. He earned a Ph.D. in American Literature with an emphasis in poetry and has taught at numerous colleges and universities. Currently, he runs the creative writing major at Ringling College of Art and Design. As The Picture Book Whisperer, he helps celebrities and high-profile clients write picture books and kidlit projects.

    Ryan G. Van Cleave 
  • Luis San Vicente

    The works of Mexico City artist Luis San Vicente have been exhibited in Mexico, Venezuela, Europe and the U.S. He has won UNESCO’s prestigious NOMA Encouragement Concours Prize for Illustration, UNESCO honored his work (1997, 1998 and 1999) in their prestigious Youth and Children’s Catalog of Illustrations.

    Luis San Vicente 
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