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Timothy Tsai

Timothy Tsai grew up in Provo, Utah. Born as a Chinese American and raised by immigrant parents, Tim learned English at school while learning Chinese at home. Tim was taught by his parents to diligently preserve his family’s Chinese heritage. He has also been fortunate enough to visit family back in China on several occasions to learn more about his ancestors and their traditions, values, and culture. Tim has always had a fascination with different languages. Having taken Spanish classes, French classes, Japanese classes, and even some Chinese classes, he has had plenty of experiences as a novice language learner and understands the time and effort it takes to master a language. Tim currently resides in Orem, Utah, with his wife and is obtaining a master’s degree to become a marriage and family therapist. When he is not working or studying, he enjoys playing video games, playing basketball, reading books, watching anime, and spending quality time with his wife, family, and friends.

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