ALA Signings

Saturday, June 29

9 am: Greg Boden (Stormbringer)

10 am: Angelica Shirley Carpenter (The Secret Gardens of Frances Hodgson Burnett)

11 am: Jarrett Keene (Heroes of World War II and Decide and Survive: Pearl Harbor)

2 pm: Johan Twiss (Four Years Trapped in My Mind Palace)

3 pm: Christy Monson (Mindful Magic and Scientists of Faith)

Sunday, June 30

10 am: Nick Esposito (The Good Guys Agency Series)

11 am: Kelly Hollman and Charlotte Watson Sherman (This Opening Sky)

12 pm: Joyce Uglow (Stuck!)

1 pm: Nic Jeter (The Worst Wizard)

2 pm: Ryan G. Van Cleave (Witness Trees)

3 pm: David and Stephanie Miles