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God's Earth Is Something to Fight For

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40 pages • 9 in x 9 in • Ideal for kids 4-8 years old

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A groundbreaking, faith-based picture book about God's call to take care of the Earth and fight climate change.

"This book is a gift not just to the kids who will hear it but to the adults who will read it to them. It is honest about the challenges we face without being scary, it is biblical about our call to action without being preachy, and it is practical about how to respond without being prescriptive. Everyone who encounters this book will be empowered to find the joy of serving and protecting our neighbors and God's good creation!” —Rev Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, VP of Evangelical Environmental Network, author of Following Jesus in a Warming World

"This book will give children a sense of direction to respond faithfully to climate change and answer the call God gives us to take care of creation!" —Rev Emily Stirewalt, Church of the Resurrection

Through simple prose and multiple verse from the Bible, author Amy Houts explains to kids that everyone, all human beings, must work together to save the Earth by reversing the effects of hundreds of years of human-created environmental damage.

From writing letters to elected officials to recycling and saving water at home, kids are encouraged to make changes and to ask others to do so as well. 

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  • Amy Houts

    Amy Houts is the author of over 100 books for children featuring early learning concepts. She writes for both faith-based and mainstream publishers. Amy’s faith-based books include God’s Protection Covers Me (Beaming Books) and Christian Q&A Book for Kids (Rockridge Press). Amy’s educational books include 60 retold tales for the series Compass Children’s Classics and 10 nonfiction science early readers for Highlights Press.

    Amy Houts 
  • Kris Smolskaya

    Kris Smolskaya is a digital illustrator of children’s magazines and books, and is an illustration tutor. A huge fan of art and children’s literature, Kris has studied painting, sculpture, and world art culture for more than ten years. She grew up in a small village with her grandparents and has always been close to nature. Kris adores snorkeling, hiking, trekking, and she dreams of walking the Pacific Crest Trail.

    Kris Smolskaya 
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