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Markets: A World to Discover

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48 pages • 11 in x 10 in • Ideal for kids 8-11 years old

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A 2020 New York Public Library Top Spanish Language Book for Children! Now in English.

"A foodie’s delight."—Kirkus Reviews

Close your eyes and imagine the intoxicating smell of spices, fish, and exotic flowers. Welcome to the market! You might shop at a grocery store, but that's not where most of the world gets its food. 

Markets is a gorgeously illustrated exploration of what has been the heart of civilization for thousands of years. Find out how markets got started, where food comes from, how people pay, and other fascinating treasures hidden among the stalls. Along the way, visit some of earth's most famous markets and bazaars in Asia, Africa, Europe, and beyond, from the indoor to the outdoor to the floating (and all included on a convenient map at the back)!

Written by Josep Sucarrats, a Catalan gastronomic writer, and with a foreword by Ferran Adrià, a three-star Michelin chef and former head of elBulli (one of the world's top restaurants), Markets is a cultural field trip led by passionate experts who care as much about where food comes from as food itself.

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  • Josep Sucarrats

    Josep enjoys a delicious meal and pleasant conversation—even better if it’s a combination of both, which is why he writes and talks about gastronomy! He's the director of the Catalan magazine CUINA and often contributes to gastronomic sections on radio, TV, and digital media. He has coauthored a book about cuisine in Barcelona and another about vermouth, as well as publishing a recipe book devoted to macaroni. He’d travel to the other side of the earth to taste a good meal, but he’s also happy at home with the wine that his family makes with grapes gathered at the vineyards close to the house where he was born.

    Josep Sucarrats 
  • Miranda Sofroniou

    Miranda is a British illustrator who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She graduated in Illustration at the University of Arts London (Camberwell College of Art). She is inspired by travels and the natural environment, which she captures in her rich and colorful illustrations. She uses traditional techniques like gouache, watercolor, and acrylic paint, and she forms into loose brushstrokes with plentiful details. Aiming to evoke a specific atmosphere and generate a feeling of exploration and surprise, she creates illustrations that invite the public to come in and enjoy her personal interpretation of the world around us.

    Miranda Sofroniou 
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