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Grit: Inspiring Stories for When the Going Gets Tough

Grit: Inspiring Stories for When the Going Gets Tough

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74 pages • 5.83 in x 8.27 in • Ideal for kids 7-11 years old

Grit. Sticktuitiveness. Perseverance. Diligence. Whatever you call it, kids in today's uncertain world need it more that ever to overcome the inevitable challenges that life will throw their way. Introducing Grit: A Kid's Anthology! This bold, inspiring collection of stories introduces kids to real people who faced real problems. From athletes like Jesse Owens, who faced racial prejudice; to entertainers like Ellen DeGeneres, who turned a difficult childhood into humor; to musicians like Ludwig van Beethoven, who wrote his best music even while losing his hearing; the heroes in Grit faced creative, physical, social, political, and nearly every other kind of challenge but paved an inspiring path as they pushed through. Bold, mixed-media illustrations accompany each story in this vibrant, exciting anthology!

Meet the Makers
SE Abramson

S.E. Abramson graduated from Brigham Young University in 2016 with a BA in English. She lives in south-central Pennsylvania with her family. She enjoys writing, video games, and anthroponomastics.

David Miles

David Miles is an award-winning and bestselling author and illustrator of over 40 books, including ​The Side-by-Side Declaration of Independence, Book, The Interactive Constitution, Allegro, Unicorn and Horse, and other titles. He has worked as a designer, illustrator, and creative director, and he now runs Bushel & Peck Books with his wife, Stephanie. He's been named a CYBILS Award Finalist, Publishers Weekly Star Watch Nominee, Trvst Changemaker, New York Book Show Award Winner, and Bill Fisher Award Finalist, among other accolades. He lives in Fresno, California, with his family.


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