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Climate Change
Climate Change

Climate Change

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By David and Stephanie Miles, Illustrated by Albert Pinilla 

Climate change: would you leave it to chance? In this interactive book for kids, young readers will learn about climate, how climate has changed throughout history, and the driving forces of the greenhouse effect. Using colorful illustrations, simple text, and research from trusted sources like NASA, NOAA, and the United Nations,  Climate Change outlines the causes of climate change and gently explores its consequences like rising sea levels, more extreme weather, and drought. Though not shy about uncomfortable realities, Climate Change also emphatically teaches hope for the future and includes timely recommendations for what kids can do, short bios of adults and kids who are leading the charge, and brief summaries of successes that have already happened. Most importantly of all, the book's built-in spinner offers readers a choice on every page: spin the arrow and leave climate change to chance, or do something about it!